Innovations of The Civil War

The Civil war was the most intense war that America has ever fought in, many of us couldn’t realize some of the innovations that came out of it afterwards. There are a number of huge inventions and realizations that were created.
Much of how we fight wars today can be pin pointed back to the civil war. One of the biggest changes in the it was the use of technology on the battlefield. Technology still plays a huge rule in our wartime operations.

Here are some of the biggest creations from the American civil war :

Machine gun

Machine gun

One of the most important invention to come out of the civil war was the machine gun. Although it came later in the war; the Gatlin gun can be said to have changed the way that we fight wars. Once World War 1 hit, machine guns were much more deadly and effective and were used in massive quantities.

During the civil war the Mini bullet (which today is known as the rifled bullet) came to a forefront during the war. It was grooved and conical which made the bullet fly straighter and longer. This had a big impact on how ground wars were fought because the bullets where much more dangerous. Armies no longer wore bright, colorful costumes on the battlefield, since they were more apt to draw more fire than before. Uniforms that matched the battlefield became more prevalent.

In addition to the machine gun, they also had repeating rifles. Instead of having to fire a shoot and then reload it, it was now possible to fire many shots in a row. Metal cartridges were used in the repeating rifles instead of paper cartridge-which was a huge advantage on the battlefield.

Repeating rifles

Moving troops quickly to another area or battlefield was suddenly a reality in the civil war. This was because of the trains that had been built. The trains were able to quickly move troops and supply’s to commanders that needed them. This allowed battles to be quickly and decisively changed due to the arriving of more troops or food.

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