Short history about nurses in the civil war

nurse-uniform-civilwarThe Civil War was a historical event for everybody in the United States. There were many men who fought and many women wanted to get the opportunity to support those soldiers in the war. There are no real proofs that show the number of women who involved to that event. But, some historians estimate that there were up to 10,000 women who become nurses. Most of them volunteered themselves to prove that they were also strong and smart to work under the horrific conditions.

One of duties of those nurses in the military hospitals was accommodating the patients’ diet by preparing and serving the meals. Those nurses also distributed clothing, linens and other supplies. They also talked with the patients look after the emotional of the soldiers. They did it by reading for them, writing for them and talking with them.

Most nurses of the Civil War were Sisters from religious order. There are many nurses who prepared the survivors before they were transported to hospitals. After that, they continued to find more wounded soldiers. Surely, the nurses were very helpful for the soldiers during the war.

In the Civil War, the nurses are asked to wear brown or black dress. Additionally, the dress had no any ornaments or frills and no hoop skirts. The dark-colored dress was used since it did not stand out and show the blood. In this case, the dress was designed for function instead of for fashion. The dress was like curves and sometimes the nurses wore trousers.

Furthermore, there were many nurses that had high contribution during the Civil War. Without their existence the war might get worse and there would be more victims of the war. Therefore, you should be proud if you have a nursing career for now. This is because nursing career will be very helpful for others.

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