Women Soldiers in the Civil War

Loreta Janeta VelazquezWhen the civil war came the social structure just enough.Women came pouring out of their houses and came pouring out of their farm directly into the public arena. As it the say we can make a difference , we will make a difference. There are many many women who wrote in their diaries that I wish I could put on mens clothing and go to work.

In recent scholarship has indicated that between 500,000 women went into military service ; some of them for very short blocks of time and some for two or three years depending on what led to their discovery or whether they were able to maintain anonymity throughout. There are a number of cases of women going to war with her husband or her fiancé. A number of girls went to war with their brothers.

While reading about a medical inspection was you had 2 feet you could walk and therefore she works inducted into the Army. The Civil War armies were very different from our modern armies. They lived outside almost all the time. Large portions of the soldiers were young which meant it wasn’t that unusual to have a soldier who had a higher voice or who had not yet an obvious beard. So women look like clean-shaven or beardless young man found it easier to hide. They didn’t take their clothes all , it helps that the uniforms were very baggy in the 19th century. Notions about gender were so clearly associated with particular forms of dress , that if you saw someone in dress ,it simply didn’t occur to you that that person was anything but a man.

I am ready to play my part in a great drama. It is strangely simple to arraign myself and my soldiers uniform , no one things to stop me.

Who sort of a freelance soldier this was not that unusual either. Early in the war there were military soldiers. Regular army which is very very small North and South felt it even really have a regular army and so it was not unusual for people to come in and sort of appoint themselves or be accepted sort of a volunteer officer.

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